Sunday, January 31, 2016


watercolor 12x9 inches

I finished this painting this week.  I'd started it in late summer, just painting the flowers and drew in the vases and bottle.  This is the way I do most of my larger still life paintings with flowers.  Sometimes I've just plopped flowers into a jar and painted them and weeks or months later decided what I would put around them.  The design in the background is done with gouache (opaque watercolor). 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Beach Painting from last Fall

oil painting 6x8  inches

This was probably the last plain air oil painting I did last year, down at the beach near the dock.  It is definitely the last one I didn't wipe out.

I've been hoping to put something new here for the last week, but I haven't been able to finish anything.  I am beginning to walk pretty well and there is less pain.  Instead of painting much, I've been catching up on paperwork and working on my gallery at Daily Paintwork.  And this morning I thought it time to do a little editing on my blogs and found several comments from last year that were never moderated. And there was one this month that never arrived in my email, and I checked my trash.  I guess I'd better check more often and apologize if I didn't respond sooner.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Belated Happy New Year

watercolor 6x6 inches

 This is a watercolor I painted last year of the Dude Creek Critical Habitat in Gustavus.  Sandhill cranes stop here on their spring and fall migration 

I had hoped to start  blogging regularly and do Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge this month, but after a two month hassle getting scheduled I went into Juneau on the ferry Monday and had arthroscopic miniscus repair surgery on Wednesday. I came home yesterday.  I had started 3 paintings before I went to Juneau, but its going to be a while before I'm going to easily go down the stairs to the studio too finish them.  Tomorrow, I hope to set up and paint in the living room.

I have been working on getting my gallery set up in Daily Paintworks.  I've yet to get a paypal button, but I do have prices and an email button. It's one thing at a time when the internet decides to let me in.

Friday, December 18, 2015

New Venture

I'm finally getting around to do the one thing I resolved to do this year.... begin trying to sell my work on line.  I am starting with Daily Paintworks.  So far I've only put two paintings that I did this past week on the challenge link.  I have a bit more to do to set up my gallery and auctions, but there is a link to my email and a price if you are interested in buying one of these.

Rose Again Challenge, watercolor

This was painted on a small piece of Whatman's watercolor paper that I'd been hoarding.  It hasn't been made in years and I'd love to get a hold of some more.  The Daily Paintworks link for this can be found here.

Another Rose, watercolor

This was painted on a hot press illustration board and more of a challenge.  The blue background is painted with gouache.  The Daily Paintworks link for this one is here.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Watercolor Postcard

Lemorna Cornwall
I started posting paintings on my other blog, Watercolor Postcards, recently and hope you will go there and take a look.  The painting here is one I posted there along with others done on a trip to England and France.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


It has been an eventful few weeks with some health issues, a trip to Juneau and back home then to Seattle for a few days and now in Lake Wales, Florida.  Van and I had been planning a trip to Arizona for a week and then a few weeks in Florida.   The trip to AZ got dropped and we came to FL  a few days ago and are staying with my brother. We will be going to Bradenton Beach next week.  I haven't had time to paint any since being here and very little since I last posted.

This is a sketchbook painting from a visit here in 2010... the pond behind my brother's house where I've been enjoying watching birds and the warm weather.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Woodblock Print

This is a woodblock print that I cut and printed in December.  I did it for a Baren exchange with 17 other printmakers.   I was the coordinator for the exchange and the other 17 sent their prints to me and I was in charge of divvying them up and sending each participant one of each of the other's prints.  I had coordinated another exchange a few years ago with 30 participants, so it went pretty smoothly.  I took them to the PO today.

The print is from a photo that I took while staying in a US Forest Service cabin several years ago. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Collage of January Paintings

Here's the collage I made with Picmonkey of  25 paintings that I painted this month for Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  You can see what others did on her website, here.

Number 23 and 24

 This is the last day of Leslie Saeta's challenge to paint 30 paints in January and post them on my blog.  I acually did paint 30, though some got wiped out and some I don't think anyone would want to see.  I feel I've made progress with my oil painting and am glad that I let myself depend on my memory and sketches.
watercolor 3x4.5 inches

watercolor 3x4.5
It has been so good to see some color in the sky again.  For the  last couple of weeks the sky has been mostly solid gray.  I painted the skies on Thursday afternoon from my studio window.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Number 22

watercolor 6x6 inches
 I'm back to painting everyday until I've posted 30 paintings.  I lost some time with my cold, so I'm going to keep working into February.   Actually, I probably will have painted 30 paintings by the end of the month.  I wiped out several and have a few little watercolors that I haven't posted.

I started to paint this tree with oil, drew it out on a gessoed board, then decided to paint it with watercolor.  We had some more snow this morning, enough to cover the branches on the cottonwood tree outside my studio window.  I used frisket on the snow.  Behind the cottonwood are thickets of willow with clumps of snow.  I'm not sure if I captued that or not.