Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm leaving in the morning for a trip to England so better get these pictures posted now or never. I loaded them some time ago, wrote something to put with them, but can't find it (I usually write in my word processor, cause my connection at home is so friggin slow and load at the library where it is faster.)

This is Lee's new boat. He got it in Sitka and now is living aboard it in Juneau.

I painted this a couple or 3 years ago and never was happy with it.

I fixed it with some acrylic painting and stamping and am now happy with it.

My cousin Jill who I hadn't seen in 30 years came to visit from California. We had a fun time... here she is in one of our paddles.

And this is a sideways photo of the bank and reflection of the Salmon River. Very cool!

A couple of my cabbages and some carrots in my garden.

And these last 3 pictures are flowers in my sun-room, which has been a bright spot in a cool and rainy summer.