Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Some Books

Two friends have recently published books that have included some of my paintings.  In Judith Aftergut's memoir, Everything They Wanted, she writes of her discovering Glacier Bay, Gustavus, and the surrounding area in the 70's which was the same time I moved here, and it brings to mind my own introduction to this amazing place I call home.  Above is one of the paintings included in the book, painted in 1996.


 Above is the cover of the book.  The photo on the cover was taken by local photographer, Fritz Koschman.  You can click here for more information on Judith and her book.

Fran Kelso built a cabin where she lived on Spruce Island, near Kodiak, and wrote about building it and her life and neighbors in her book, Alaskan Attitudes.  I had the pleasure of visiting the  cabin in 2014 and painted the cabin and the view from the beach which she used for the back and front cover of the book.

Above is the cover of Fran's book and below the cabin which is on the back of the book.

You can read more about her book here.  Fran also wrote a very informative book on foraging wild plants which you can read about here.

I might as well add two other books by local friends that I've done illustrations for.

I did several pen and ink illustrations in this one as well as the cover which wraps around to the back cover.  It was published in 2096 and is out of print.

And I did the pen and ink drawing on the cover of this one.  It was published in 1988.  

Both of these are out of print  but available used on Amazon.