Sunday, November 27, 2011


PEAR AND CUP watercolor and acrylic about 5x5"

TWO PEARS watercolor and acrylic about 5x5"

The above 2 paintings were originally one wide painting.  I painted the pears and the cup about a year ago and pulled it out of my drawer last week,  finished  it, then cut it in half. The background is done with acrylic and a hand carved  linoleum block. I put clear contact paper over the painting and cut the background off with a razor blade (carefully) and painted and stamped .  This is a technique I learned from Anne Bagby.  I also decorated a bunch of paper to use in collage or handmade books.

Either nobody came here in the last couple of weeks or if they did the didn't want my little gouache painting.... not one comment or email.  I even gave an extra week for the offer of a gift of the little painting.   I realize I don't get many people coming here, and I haven't been conversing much on other blogs lately, but still, its kind of embarrassing.  I thought about offering it again, maybe putting the offer in the title, or maybe offering another painting,  or even lie and say I had lots of emails and gave to so and so and go burn the painting, or maybe delete the whole post.  I think I'll just go forward and forget the whole incident.  No one will probably read this anyway so its forgotten.

Well, going forward.  I've been setting up a website, finally.  Maybe when I get that done, I'll stop putting anything here on this blog and go back to just the watercolor postcard one. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


ONYX RABBIT gouache painting 4"x4"

ANOTHER WINDOW VIEW  gouache painting 4"x5

I didn't realize this was my 100th post here until I was ready to publish.  It has taken me a long time to get here.  I started my other blog in 2006 and  have posted over 200 times..... never even noticed my 100th and 200th milestones there.  I started this blog in 2008.  Sometimes I've left one dormant while the posting on the other, lamenting why I have 2 blogs, but I always go back to the one left behind, just like I flip back and forth from one kind or subject of painting to another, always wanting to do it all. 

I think its time to thank my followers and if anyone might like to own the Window View painting above, just comment on my blog or send me an email at: bogorchid  at gmail dot com.  I will do a drawing this weekend and mail to the winner.

And now to my orginal post:  I've been doing a few small paintings in the last couple of weeks.  Some attempts of something larger haven't gotten anywhere.  I probably need to start using a larger brush for the larger ones.  These are two that I like best.  The bottom one was done with just ultramarine blue and raw sienna and white gouache.

I'll be putting at least one of my other small paintings on my other blog.