Friday, March 26, 2010


It's been really busy around here. Our son and grand-daughter were here for 10 days. We did a lot of driving, Disney World, visiting family, perusing antique and junk stores (a family addiction), enjoying the warm weather and water when it was near, swimming a couple of times, and just enjoying each others company.

Last year here in Cedar Key, I attended a class on keeping an illustrated journal with local artist Margaret Herrick. .... no, actually the class was at Fanning Springs and I wrote about it here. Last Friday, I joined her and several other journal keepers on their monthly Journey Daybook adventure at Rainbow Springs State Park.

This is my journal page from the day.... the heron is a photo from a brochure, and the dragon fly is the stamp that they put on your hand when you pay your admission.

Journey, contemplation, being present, and working alone are the process of Journey Daybook.
The Journey Daybook site is here and Margaret's beautiful work is here. Both sites are very inspiring and well worth a look.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So busy! We spent a pleasant 10 days in Cedar Key.... have done a lot of walking, not much time on the water as the wind has blown a lot, made a trip to the Suwanee River Refuge on Van's birthday on the 7th, and I've done a bit of painting.

I scanned some of my sketches then Photoshop E crashed and I only had one saved and here it is:

watercolor about 5 x 5"

This is along the road into town. I sat on an old dock below the bridge in very hot sun to draw it and partly paint it. It rained the next couple of days and I finished from a photo.

Last Sunday, we went back to Central Florida to my brother's in Lake Wales. Lee and Alyssa were suppose to get to Orlando on Saturday night, but the plane they were on had mechanical problems in Ketchikan and they missed their connection in Seattle, spent the night there and flew to LA on Sunday for a 12 hour wait and finally got to Orlando at 5:30 Monday morning. After a day of mostly rest, Lee, Alyssa, and I went to Disney's Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. I was lots of fun, and Alyssa loved it. Me to except for getting on the Thunder Mountain Railroad. We will go again to Disney next week before Lee and Alyssa leave.

Yesterday, we drove to Palmetto and are visiting more relatives. Undecided at this point whether to spend another day here or drive on up to Cedar Key today.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Quite remiss I've been with my blog. We are in Cedar Key again We're renting my cousin Martha's pretty cottage which is across the street from where we stayed last year.

Here's a little painting I did of it last year.

We've been busy since I last posted.... 2 days in Juneau and flew all day on Feb. 26 arriving in Orlando. We stayed with my brother in Lake Wales for a few days, bought a car and came here on the 3rd. I have to come to the library to get on line and it seems more pressing things are taking my time here than my blog. I have done a little bit of painting in my journal and will get something else on here soon. But now I'm going to walk back to the house before it gets too hot and go out in my new kayak this afternoon.