Sunday, May 12, 2013


   Thank you to all who have commented in the last few weeks. I really do appreciate you encouragement. The class with Deborah Paris is still keeping me busy and I'll be getting back to paying more attention here after this coming week.

Here are a couple of monochromatic  underpaintings that I did in the last week.

 oil painting 11x14 inches

oil painting 14x11 inches

I've been concentrating on the local trees.  I was able to get outside this last week as the sun shined for a few days and temps were in the 50's F.    The deciduous trees are just starting to show some leaves, there was a dandelion in the yard and the slugs are back, so our spring is here, though now it is raining hard again.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Here are a couple of tree drawings I did this last week for my online  class with Deborah Paris. The first one is done with charcoal as seen from my window. I drew the second one on the one dry day from my car.  I've had to resort to photos or coping masters for the others.     There is a lot of reading assignments and I've been searching the internet for more information and images.  I've fallen in love with works by Russian artist Ivan Shishkin.

For the remaining two weeks, we will be painting.  And the weather is suppose to get better.... into the 50s.