Monday, November 8, 2021

Some Small Oil Paintings

 These are some recent small oil paintings.  They are available for purchase on my website.

5x7 inches

My favorite tree, again


This was done plein aire at the Gustavus Community Garden. I started raining as soon as I got there and the only place to stay dry was under the eave of the shed with no view of the actual garden.

7x5 inches

Between the Salmon and Good Rivers in Gustavus, Alaska

7x5 inches

The bench on Gustavus Beach, a short walk from the dock is a pleasant place to view Icy Strait.

6x12 inches

Looking towards Good River from the middle beach in Gustavus 


 Mount Crillion, part of the Fairweather Range as seen from the Gustavus boat harbor


7x5 inches

 Frost covered path as sun lights up the grass