Sunday, April 29, 2012


RABBIT AND EGGS  water soluble oils on board about 5x8inches

With this little painting, I discovered that I am able to get the paint down much easier with a flat synthetic brush than with the bristles I was using before. 

These are fresh eggs that I get from a local farmer.  They are many shades, sometimes green.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I decided to give the water mixable oils a try again and have been working with them for most of the month.  With the help of inexpensive tutorials called Artbytes by Carol Marine on the Daily Paintworks website, I feel like I'm starting to make progress.   

WHITE RABBIT #1 water soluble oil on canvas 6x6 inches

Besides the tutorials on the site, there are challenges.  One is to paint an apple or other fruit in 10 minutes then do another and another to fill the canvas.  I've done several canvases of these.

                       APPLES water soluble oils, 9x12 inches

The next challenge for me is figuring out how to take a decent photo of an oil painting.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I don't know what is is with all these square paintings.  I guess it is my admiration of the paintings done by some of the Daily Paintwork  artists, especially those of Carol Marine, that I have been looking at a lot lately.

After getting home from my trip south last month, I did this painting   from a photo I took in my garden a few years ago.

                                     CABBAGE watercolor, 10"x 10"

Gardening has been much on my mind with the warming weather since I've been home.  There have been  lots of sunny days and the snow is almost gone in the yard and garden.  I've got seedlings coming up in the house and looking forward to digging  outside soon.

My trip south was good but am glad to be home. I posted some sketches from my travel journal on my other blog, Watercolor Postcards.  

Last week I brought out my water soluble oils and have done a couple of little paintings which I will try to get photographed soon and post.