Wednesday, December 21, 2011


A few days ago I received a fantastic box of tiny prints.... 96 of them.  They are Baren's 50th exchange prints.   100 print makers signed up and 96 of us   made 101 prints each and mailed them to Gayle Wohlken at who collated the collection and sent one of each out to the 96 participants.  They are ATC size which is 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".... all but 3 anyway.  Here  they are:

I've laid them out on my dining room table, sorted them out somewhat and, and enjoying showing them off to friend who stop by.  I find something new every time I look at them.

Gayle did a fantastic job of collating these prints and surprised us all with this lovely little box. You can see Gayle's prints here:  

I sure don't know whats going on when I'm trying to link.   I can't get them to work on my preview.  Can somebody give me a hint.  I give up.

If I don't get back here  before Christmas, I wish you all a very happy holiday.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've had to go to Juneau more times than usual this past year;  it seems I always have 2 or 3 appointments of one kind of another every month.  I was planning to go on the ferry last Monday but a bad storm kept the ferry from landing here so I flew in on Tuesday morning.  Whenever I fly in winter, I'm somewhat amazed that I've survived the trip. Often my head will hit the top of the small plane in turbulence and visibility isn't always optimal.   It is always beautiful though, especially when we fly through a valley over the Chilkats between Icy Strait and Lynn Canal.  Here's a photo looking more or less southeast. 

Besides the dentist, PT, and a couple of other appointments and shopping, I spent some fun time with my grand daughter, Alyssa.  Every year there is an open house at the Alaska governors mansion and this year I  was there when it happened, so Alyssa and I went.  We waited in the line that went around three sides of the mansion and were served cookies and cider while we stood in the cold for almost an hour, seeing and chatting with passing friends  and waiting for the next tray of cookies to come by.  Inside, we shook hands with Gov. Parnell and his wife and ate more cookies and goodies and toured the downstairs of the mansion which was beautifully decorated and full of music.

It always takes me a day or two to recover from Juneau..... the shopping and walking on concrete wears me out.   I had started a gouache painting before the trip and have worked on it some more since coming home but too much other stuff going on, so no new paintings to show.  I have a few sketches that may or may not get to my other blog this week.   


Saturday, December 3, 2011


After getting some very kind comments and emails after my last post, I decided to do a drawing for the little painting on Monday night and  the winner was Jyothi Sethu.  She lives in India and her  lovely art work is here.

I've been waiting to get something new before posting, and did finish a painting on Wednesday, but then couldn't find my cord to download my photos.  Finally found it and here is my painting:

Lamplugh Glacier  watercolor painting8x15"

This is from a photo I took last August when we took our boat up into Glacier Bay.  We also took a kayak, and Van dropped my friend Judy and me off in front of Lamplugh Glacier and we went ashore to the beach in front of the glacier.  I'm not sure if the water here is a tide pool of glacier melt.  The glacier is receding, but at least part of it is tidewater when the tide is high.   I really need to read up on them.... things are certainly changing up there.  There were icebergs in Icy Strait where our beach is 35 years ago when we moved here, but we don' t see icebergs now until we are almost to the glaciers.