Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've been waiting to at least have one piece of art work before posting here. It finally happened last week.... I finished the woodblock I started over a month ago.

The paper is 10 x 15 inches. Its a reduction print with 6 states printed one on top of the other, using Japanese technique...... I gotta take a better photo and will tomorrow when the light is better.....
this is better, a scan with some of the border cropped.
I used Lenox paper from Daniel Smith, an inexpensive alternative for Japanese paper. The paper is kept damp throughout the printing process and I put it in the freezer for 3 weeks to keep it from molding while my grand daughter visited. I once had a stack of about 50 prints develope mold half through a reduction print..... I gave up printing for a few years after that.

44 of the prints were keepers and 31 will go to a Baren exchange. The theme of the exchange is "My Window" and my print is "Window View."

I had a wonderful visit from my grand daughter, Alyssa, for 3 weeks. I had a miserable cold, but we managed to have lots of fun. I took oodles of pictures of her, but this one my friend JoAnn took and I love it.

Fun with her new friend, Desire, on the 4th of July,

More fun on the 4th... the all girl Hootchy-Cootchy band... Ellie, Jessie, Susan and Kate.

Yet more fun on the 4th....

Until a few days ago, we've hardly had any rain this summer.... It most surely has broken records for lack of rain and high temperature. We spent a few afternoons at the beach and the gravel pits.
We took an evening walk along the Goode River where elves and fairies have been seen. We didn't see any but we did see a fairy village and a porcipine.

Here's Alyssa with her Grandpa rowing out to the Apex (our fishing boat on the far right).... Van was home for a few days and we went out and caught a few humpies one morning.

So that's it for now. I'm hoping a surge of inspiration is on its way and I will be getting lots of work to show here soon.