Thursday, January 1, 2009


The output from my studio has been pretty low in the last few months, but I got a jump start when I found a blog called Different Stokes From Different Folks. A fantastic artist, Karin Jurik posts a photograph and invites anyone who wants to, to paint it and send to her and she posts on the blog. The blog is here.

I came to the challenges late, joining the 13th week and painted this pair of shoes. I did it on a gessoed topo-map with gouache.

The next challenge was to send in a photo of myself and Karin sent me back a photo of someone else and the person in that photo painted me. Here is the painting I did:

It was a humbling experience. I hadn't done a portrait in ages and had forgotten how hard they are to do. Karin said not to try so much for a likeness, but it was hard not to try, and I really stuggled with several starts. The pretty girl in the red dress (she is prettier in the photo) is Simone Ritter and she lives in New Brunswick. Her painting of me is on the blog and she did a very nice job.

There were a few scans here from the last couple of months that I will post.
I did the 2 of fuschia soon after coming home from my trip, back in October. Both are of the same branch of flowers.

I painted this one after a careful pencil drawing.

and this one without drawing first. I kind of surprised myself.

This is Aimee's row boat, from photographs I took in the Beardsleys a couple of summers ago.

Happy New Year to my friends who might stop by. I promise to post more often this year and invite you to post a comment.


Aurora said...

wow! I love the boat! and the boots...I have neve been very good at portraits--but your's looks good.

I am participating in a round robin sort of sketchbooks swap--every month I get a sketchbook in the mail--I think we started with 12 artists---once the sketchbook arrives, I draw 3-6 pages in it, then send it on...still waiting for mine to make the rounds and get back to me...but I am enjoying this and it does force me to draw some...

Carole Baker said...

Thank you for the kind words. I'd like to get involved in a sketchbook exchange, but guess I haven't looked hard enough. I did sign up for something once a long time ago.... maybe the 1000 journal project, but am still waiting. Though, I was given one of the 1000 journals late one night last year and drew and pasted in it around 2 in the morning.

Theresa Rankin said...

They are all gorgeous! The!! I liked your portrait immediately when I saw have captured a gentleness and softness that I am sure are part of the sitters demeanor!

Carole Baker said...

Theresa, you are so kind. I really appreciate your commits.

James Parker said...

Carole, I came to your blog to post a comment on your excellent renderings of DSFDF Jefferson Memorial and Victorian projects, but I scrolled down and came to a screeching halt at the fuchsias and the boat. The fuchsias are quite nice, but the boat is absolutely marvelous. When you use more vivid color, your work simply shines. Hats off.

Carole Baker said...

James, Thank you so much.