Saturday, August 22, 2009


If I wait until I've got some paintings to show here, its going to be more than the month its already been since I last posted. I've got some things in the works, and have been somewhat faithful with my watercolor postcards. And I've also made a few books. But all in all a very unproductive summer.... but for the garden which I must take some pictures of and show soon.

Here are a few photos of time with friends.

This beautiful quilt was made by a group of local women and is being raffled to raise money for our local clinic. They make one every year and they just keep getting better and better.

It was unveiled at a party at the Gustavus Inn on one of the beautiful days in June. Most of these ladies worked on it.... not me though.

Another party in July at the inn to celebrate my and Nadine's birthday... which are on the same day, I'm a year older. Here is the cake that JoAnn made. It was a lovely garden party on another beautiful day.

About a week later, another birthday party, this one on Kate's birthday, on Kate and Fritz's boat, the Great Sea.

We spent a perfect day watching humpback whales, enjoying friendships, and walking on Pleasant Island.Here's everyone but me.

Kate and her cake.

On August 8, yet another birthday party, Carolyn's 60th, a surprise party at my house. Carolyn on the left with Annie.

Cakes tart and pie. Yumm.

Just one more photo:

New PostThis little guy has been hanging around a lot with his mom. When I took this picture, he was eating my flowers and mom was on the other side of the path to the car and I was ready to go somewhere. They pretty much ignore me when I try to shoo them away. So far they haven't jumped the fence to the vegetable garden.


Sandra (cousin) said...

I love your photos, Carole, and can see you are all well-fed with all of the birthdays! Yummy-looking beautiful cakes and pies. The moose is so cute, too. What a great summer.

Carole Baker said...

Yes, we are certainly well fed around here... seems like there is a pot luck every weekend.