Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm in Washington now visiting friends and will go to California this weekend. Thought I oughta put something here so here goes. I'll be posting on my other blog before getting home just before Thanksgiving.

This is the belladonna amaryllis that I posted a few weeks ago.... I did a wash on the bottom to ground it and I think it works a little better.

I started this painting some time ago and had about given it up (the second attempt).... a year ago,at least. I added the ink lines and a lot more painting. The photo I worked with was taken on an overcast day, but I've seen these trees when the setting sun was hitting them and they glowed and that is what I was trying to capture. Don't know if I did and the composition isn't right.... there should be more sky and trees at the top to balance out the foreground. I could crop some of the foreground, but thats the part of the painting I like the best. Guess I'd better do it again.

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