Tuesday, February 16, 2010


After doing the little Valentine card in watercolor, I decided to try painting the candies with gouache. I've used gouache in the past in still life paintings but always just in the flat backgrounds. I look around for something to put with the candies and came up with a little Chinese cloisonne dish.

gouache painting 5.5x5"

It really doesn't go at all with these little hearts. Chinese fortune cookies would have been more appropriate. I decided that copying the words from the candies would add insult to injury.... don't know if the LOVE will stay there.

I do like the looks though of the little dish..... much more vibrant than I'd ever be able to paint it with watercolor. I used gold watercolor on the table.


Kim Rempel said...

Just have to tell you that your cloisonne dish is PERFECT!

Carole Baker said...

Thank you Kim.