Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is about the longest I've gone without a posting in one or the other of my two blogs. First I apologize to those who have enjoyed looking here and now a bunch of excuses for my absence.

Not very many days have gone by that I haven't felt guilty and wished I had some piece of art that I felt good enough about to scan and write about. It has really been a long dry spell as far as producing any painting is concerned.... nothing much since last winter. Much of my energy this summer was on getting my gallery open and tending to it almost every afternoon..... that and the gardening, a trip to Juneau to visit with my son and grand daughter and two visits here from my grand daughter took about all the time and energy I had. I did do a lot of work on some botanical drawings (more about that later) and an occasional drawing in one of my sketch books. Now that I look back, there are a couple of things I probably should have posted. But my Internet connection was getting worse and worse all summer and I could only get on line at one spot in my house and I got new scanner to scan slides and when I got it working, my old scanner wouldn't work and the new scanner was in a different place and finally I sort of said to heck with it (thought still lamenting everyday that I really ought to make the effort to put something on my blog, though as I said before, there wasn't much to post.) Well, last month, after some trips to the local clinic, I ended up having surgery in Seattle.

Now I'm home and feeling better everyday, I'm definitely getting my Mojo back. For the first time ever this time of year that I can recall, we've had almost 2 weeks straight of sunny weather which has really helped my state of mind. It usually rains most of September. I've been getting out and walking and a few days ago started taking my paints and doing some little watercolors... 4 of them below. It felt so good to be out there in the sun painting again.

each is 4x6inches watercolor on paper

Today, the weather changed and I'm inside and there is no longer an excuse for not getting back to my blog. Now I have broadband (still pretty slow but that is what its called) and I got my old scanner to work, and now I can get on line all over the house. I get happy just thinking about it!

My show at the Juneau Arts and Humanities has been rescheduled to a year from now (September of 2011) and I have reluctantly turned down the job to do the botanical drawings for the Park Service, as the drawings are needed by February and it would be impossible at this point to do most of them from live specimens.

I'm thinking seriously about reviving my other blog, Watercolor Postcards and am almost ready to promise myself to paint a postcard everyday. And now that the rains have started, I'll be getting some work done in the studio.


Kathryn Ragan said...

Interesting blog, Carol. Beautiful photos. I really like your watercolors.

Nancy Goldman said...

Your four watercolors are lovely. I especially like the bridge.

Carole Baker said...

Thank you Kathryn and Nancy. I appreciate your kind comments.

Jana Bouc said...

These are lovely. It's good to see you getting inspired again. Sometimes a break is just needed!