Thursday, June 23, 2011


Only a few days left and I'll be on a plane to Ireland, so I want to get one more post in before I leave.  I'm really not into blogging lately which is pretty obvious if anyone might actually ever come to read here.  I don't quite know why.  Its like a lot of creative things I do and then don't do.  Some I come back to and some I don't.  My  paper journal has also been full of gaps the last year.  This has happened  before in the many years I written and sketched in my journals, but   I always return, sometimes slowly, so maybe this is a beginning of a return.

I"m enjoying my stay in Juneau.  The boat is comfortable, the cat good company, and I'm close to town and can walk to the grocery store and the swimming pool .  I have Lee's car which gets me out the road easily and I have several friends here that I've spent enjoyable time with.   I've had some doctor appointments (good 9 month check up) and have been getting some physical therapy for my aging body.  

After much inertia, I finally got the oils out a couple of weeks ago and went outside.  I guess things are getting better after 4 sessions in different places, a little easier for sure.  I can't find my cord to load the camera to the computer, so I can't put them on here yet.   Maybe the reason that I'm finally writing here is that I am feeling something positive is coming from the effort.  And I am enjoying the process when I am actually doing them. 

 But I seem to have a barrier keeping me from taking my oils out by myself and working at an easel.  I just can't make myself do it.  I guess its being shy and feeling like the center of attention, and my work looks so bad.  I  don't have a problem going out with my stool and watercolors in my lap which I've done several times here in the last few weeks.    I did take the oils  once to one place by myself where I knew no people would be, but every little noise made me think of a bear eating me.  So my plein aire oil painting has been with other people. 

There is a group of painters that call themselves the plein rein painters here in Juneau who go out every Saturday and paint together and I joined them last Saturday, and have gone with my friend Michelle 3 other times.

The fact that my show will be in September hasn't seemed to have kicked in.  I really should  be working diligently on some pieces for the show all this month instead of struggling with the oils.  Or I should say more diligently.  I'm able to paint with watercolor on the boat that I'm staying on, using photos on my laptop, but  I  just forget how to paint for a while. Many hours here on the boat and outside have yielded nothing good.  I have really been painting terribly, but this week I finally have one piece for the show and am working on another that I think will turn out well.  

So, off to Ireland next week.  I'll be working with gouache.... would like to do oils, but don't want to lug all the stuff I'd need there.  I'll be back home in mid-July, and who knows, maybe anxious to get back to my blog.  I'd better be ready to do a few more pieces for my show.

Can't leave without at least one picture.  this I did a couple of months ago.

SUNSET  watercolor 14x14 inches


Kim Rempel said...

Dear Carole,
I hear ya! And I think we all go through this. It seems to be a very common thread. I have had it happen many times where I feel like I have totally lost my ability to paint! And it feels depressing! But, as people have told me, and has proven to be true, is that in those times of struggle you are actually solving problems, figuring out something new, that will make your work jump a bit to the next level. You don't consciously know what it is, but it will happen. It sounds like it's just starting to happen for you right now. And I had to laugh about your bear comment - that is *totally* me. Have a wonderful time in Ireland and let everything flow ; )

Carole Baker said...

Kim, Thank you so much for the encouragement. You are so right. I do feel like I've gotten over the hump and am seeing and painting better today.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Love this painting, and great sky!! I have been in the same mode as you. I have stopped by (to you and others) and have not left comments. I have been busy, and also just don't feel like blogging myself. It's a lot of effort! I had been thinking about you, and hoping you were feeling okay, so I was glad to read some of your entries and see it was just busy stuff. Hope you have a great trip and great weather! Very exciting trip, it must be a long one for you, safe travels and I look forward to your posts!!

Carole Baker said...

Mary Ann, Messages from my fellow bloggers make being here worth while. When my blog goes dormant I don't comment on anyone elses, but I do keep looking.

Nancy Goldman said...

This is wonderful Carole. I love paintings that have the sky as such a focal point and this one is beautiful.

Carole Baker said...

Nancy, Thank you. I truly appreciate you comment.

Sandy said...

Wow - I could stare at this sky all day! You are not dormant for long ;-)