Saturday, July 23, 2011


I returned from a landscape paintng workshop in Ireland last week arranged and taught by Nina Weiss,  and it was marvelous. Nina is an excellent teacher and she really put together a a great trip.  We stayed in lovely inns, experienced beautiful and interesting landscapes and towns, ate delicious food, and listened to wonderful music.  And best of all, I learned a new way to paint.

The first couple of days we did black and white drawings, thinking of line and form , experimenting with different compositions of a scene. I decided to use gouache in the workshop  and Nina taught a method of using  underpainting, building up the forms with different values and colors.  Here are a couple of paintings I completed:

Garden in Clifden, gouache 9 x 5 1/2

View from Roundstone, gouache 6 x 9

I hadn't been working with gouache in about a year, and it was like starting over with the same difficulties that bugged me before, mostly the change in value as they dry on the paper.  And in addition, I was having a hard time mixing greens, as Nina discouraged me from using Thalo.  And the whole idea of underpainting was hard for me to grasp, but Nina led me through the process with patience and I really like some of the results. 

Soon after coming home I set to work trying to finish a third painting I had started.  The 2 above were done inside looking out windows.  But I began this 3rd one in a field in the wind.  After the easel blew over 3 times I worked in my lap.  I was also distracted by a lot of sheep wandering and being herded around me.  Working from my photo, I've come a long way in finishing it, but after scanning, I see a lot I need to still work on.

Since I'm having a show in Juneau first Friday in September, it dawned on me I'd better finish a couple of watercolor paintings I'd started before going to Ireland and start framing what I've done.   I was tempted to finish one of the watercolors in gouache, but decided I might goof it up, and I need more work for my show.  But I'm anxious to get back to the gouache.

 I've spent several days, getting what new work I have matted and just this morning called in an order for frames to Daniel Smith.  The guy said a little more than half way through my list  (33 in all) that this is the biggest frame order he's ever taken.  He said his brain was fried when finished.
 I'm sure glad to get that out of the way.  But the fun really begins when the frames come and I have to put them together.  I wish I had more larger paintings but as far as framing, I'm glad they are small.  I also wish I could afford a framer.

Its so good to be home.  The weather has been warm.  I forget how beautiful this place I live in is until I leave for a while.


martinealison said...

Deux très belles peintures, que j'admire... J'aime l'ensemble des nuances de couleurs qui jouent bien ensemble.
gros bisous

Yorky said...

Super gouache paintings Carole.


carole ..sounds like you had a wonderful trip and workshop ..i love the top painting ... all the best with your show ciao jane.

Aurora said...

oh Lovely!! wish I could see you show...want to learn that gouache technique you describe...

Carole Baker said...

Merci beaucoup, Martine. And thank you, Yorky and Jane. I like the top painting best too.

Carole Baker said...

Aurora, wish you could be there. Were you in Alaska this summer?

Sandy said...

My these are glorious, your trip sounds amazing and what fun to have a show ahead!! You are a very busy, very talented woman.