Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Not much has gotten painted the past few weeks.  I have been pretty busy.  I got my little gallery open 2 weeks ago and am  at least a couple of hours there in the afternoon.  I'm getting out and walking more, dispite rain most days.  And the garden is finally all planted.... later than usual.     The weather in June hasn't been much better than in May.... there was only one day in May that it didn't rain and the temperature didn't get above 60.  The sun finally came out last week and the temperature was around 80 on Saturday, but it's now raining again.

Below are the only things I've painted this month that are getting matted and in the gallery.  I started them both and got stopped with rain, then went back a week or 2 later to finish: 

 This one I started with a pen and ink drawing, added watercolor and some gouache.  5x7 inches

                              This had some under-painting and is pure gouache.  3.5"x5.5 inches

This is the first summer ever that my husband has been home all summer, as he has sold our boat and retired from fishing.  I'm liking having him here, and its good to have some help with the garden.


martinealison said...

Heureuse de vous retrouver et de pouvoir admirer ces deux merveilleuses peintures... Elles sont remplie de plénitude. Vos verts sont superbes.
Gros bisous

Carole Baker said...

Martine, Merci beaucoup.