Friday, December 21, 2012


                                                 watercolor and gouache 11/5 x 8 inches

I was planning to print this out for a card to send to friends for a season greetings, but didn't finish in time to have printed.... my printer doesn't print color anymore and there is no place to go to have it done here, so I'll just post it here and wish all of you the best for the holidays.

I've collected several odd shaped frames over the years and am trying to use them.  I cut my paper for one of the frames and started out just painting the cactus and then decided what else to put with it.  I was thinking a seasonal theme.... the persimmons were going bad in one of our stores and I got them free.  I invented the container that the plant is in  as I couldn't find something to go with the bowl and plate.  After finishing it, or at least filling up the paper, I noticed my little swan (in a little painting here) that would have worked well with the rest.

I'm reminded, once more, after doing this painting the importance of planning the composition before I start.

2 comments: said...

How beautiful. I love all your patterns.

Carole Baker said...

Thank you, Carol.
The background is one I have used quite often that I found in a design book. I got the unfinished quilt from a thrift shop and have used it a couple of other times in paintings.