Thursday, March 28, 2013

DAY 11

water mixable oils 6 x 6 inches

water mixable oil 6 x 6 inches

water mixable oils 6 x 6 inches

I painted these on Monday and Tuesday.  I was pretty happy with the one with the bowl which I painted first.  I thought I could improve on the pears in the second one and again in the third one, but didn't.  I do like the tablecloth in the second one though.

I decided yesterday to work on painting an apple and spent hours.  I don't know how many I started and wiped out and burned the three I finished in disgust.  This morning, after looking on line how some other people painted them,  I tried again with this one, which at least I'm not embarrassed to show here.  

water mixable oil 6 x 6 inches
This gets me up to the present time. There are a few more paintings that I haven't posted and probably won't unless they start looking better to me.


Polly Birchall said...

You worry too much! Enjoy your failures you learn from them. I am sure they werent that bad. Happy Easter xx

Carole Baker said...

So true... learning from the failures. Polly, I really appreciate you following my challenge; your comments help me keep working.