Monday, March 25, 2013


You might be wondering where the other 6 days went.  Well, I decided that I would stick with the original starting date instead of what I wrote yesterday.

water mixable oil  6 x 6 inches

This painting from last week was somewhat copied from a watercolor (below) that I did in January. Its painted on a gessoed piece of watercolor paper.  

watercolor 4.5 x 7 inches

After really committing to painting 30 paintings in 30 days yesterday I had a very bad day of painting.  The painting I'd done the day before needed more work and  I didn't succeed in making it better. Another start got wiped out.  I was contemplating putting the oils away again.  That's what I did last year when I was sort of getting the hang of painting with them and then got frustrated.  Probably if I hadn't  said on this blog that I was going  to paint 30 paintings in 30 days I would have put them away.  But I didn't and today's painting didn't get wiped out. 


Celia Blanco said...

Carole, your paintings are looking great! It's interesting to see the same subject worked in different mediums, both well done.

Carole Baker said...

Thanks, Celia. The colors and value are really closer than they look here. The photo is too blue.