Tuesday, April 9, 2013


oil painting 8 x 8 inches

Yes, I skipped a day.  I spent two days on this.   It was the first time I've used Gessobord and I wiped out a few times.    The painting is of the road to our beach, from a photo taken one evening in summer as the sun was setting.

Yesterday, I ran out of water mixable oil (WMO) white paint so decided that it was time to switch to real oils.  I was planning to do so when the weather got better and I could open a window or go out side to paint.  I'm using odorless turpentine and there is no odor, but  I'm sure I'm breathing something that's bad for me.  But I think I'll continue with them inside anyway because I'm finding I like them better.  It's considerably easier to mix the colors I'm looking for.... maybe that's partly because I've been mixing paint for three weeks; maybe I'm just getting the hang of it.  It definitely takes less paint with the oils to mix with white, so the WMOs must have some filler in them.  And the real oils are of a better consistency..... buttery and just easier to mix.   Some of the WMOs are really stiff and very hard to mix.  The brand I've been using is Winsor and Newton which I read are not the best.



Celia Blanco said...

Your work is gorgeous in any medium you choose, Carole! I love this landscape, beautiful skyline and the road leads your eye right into the painting. The tree trunks are wonderful! Nice composition and light on the plein air piece. I don't comment everytime but I'm following your daily paintings and am so impressed with your work!

Carole Baker said...

Celia, You can't know how much I appreciate your kind words. I know it takes time and effort to comment and your are so kind to do so. It is very encouraging to know that another artist thinks I'm doing a good job.