Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Beach Painting from last Fall

oil painting 6x8  inches

This was probably the last plain air oil painting I did last year, down at the beach near the dock.  It is definitely the last one I didn't wipe out.

I've been hoping to put something new here for the last week, but I haven't been able to finish anything.  I am beginning to walk pretty well and there is less pain.  Instead of painting much, I've been catching up on paperwork and working on my gallery at Daily Paintwork.  And this morning I thought it time to do a little editing on my blogs and found several comments from last year that were never moderated. And there was one this month that never arrived in my email, and I checked my trash.  I guess I'd better check more often and apologize if I didn't respond sooner.


Chris Lally said...

Ah, your painting says "home" to me (I live in NW Oregon). It is just beautiful!!

Blogging and websites take lots of time - good to catch up on these things during recovery and these gray winter months.

Carole Baker said...

Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your nice words.

Celia Blanco said...

Gorgeous landscape,I love the grasses! It is good to take it slow, hope you are feeling better!

Carole Baker said...

Thank you, Celia. My knee is getting much better.