Monday, January 16, 2017

Salmon River From the Boat Harbor

oil painting 6x8 inches
We've had spectacular sunsets this winter and I've been going down to the beach most afternoons when we've had sun.   Just after the sun went down one night last month, I stopped at the boat harbor and took some photo which I used for painting this.

This is not what most towns have for a boat harbor.   We don't have any protective waters on our shoreline, so we bring boats up this small river on a high tide and the boats sit on the sand when the tide goes out.  The tide is out in this painting.  I took the photo from the parking lot.

I've been painting most days, but a long ways from producing 30 paintings in 30 days as I'd hope to do.  I am happy though with the few I've done so far.


Chris Lally said...

Love that yellow sky. What a beautiful painting, Carole!

Carole Baker said...

Thank you, Chris.