Saturday, February 7, 2009


[award_art.jpg]Thanks to James Parker, I've been awarded this art award and am suppose to list 7 things I love. I appreciate this and thank James. Since I'm very far behind in my blogging duties, I'm going to be very brief here.

l. My family
2. My friends
3. My home
4. Art
5. Music
6. Beauty
7. Life

And now I'm suppose to send this on to 7 other bloggers which is causing me some slight distress.... I know I've seen lists of loved things on some other blogs I read, and wonder if those bloggers might not want to feel obliged to take the time again. And I haven't corresponded with very many bloggers and wouldn't feel comfortable sending on to folks that don't know me from Adam. So, I'm going to just make a list of some blogs I really like and honor them that way,.... and hope I don't have 7 years of bad luck.


Aurora said...

I must say--Carol--that after looking at all the other blogs here-I am very flattered you incuded me! thanks!

Carole Baker said...

There are certainly some great blogs out there and these are less than half of the ones I try to keep up with. No wonder I'm behind in everything.

I sort of remember you having this award.... if you didn't, consider it passed on to you.