Saturday, March 14, 2009


This will be a short post just to let you know that I haven't given up on this blog. I just haven't been inclined to come to the library and post. I did do a post on my other blog a short while back and hopefully will have time today.... click here to view.

Van and I came to Florida on February 21 and after a short visit with my brother in Lake Wales we took up residence for a couple of months in Cedar Key. Below is a picture of where we are living.... the upstairs apartment. There's a couch. Come visit. The sporty yellow car is our rental.

We are on a canal with a view over a bayou of the sun setting each evening. The canal goes dry on a low tide, but we have a constant array of birds coming and going.

Cedar Key is a small town, somewhat remote and quiet. We like it. Here are some ibises along side of the road. We take a long walk every day..... this was on the way to the cemetery where there is a board walk to a little beach on another bayou.

This is Van's project. We found the fiberglass hull on Craig's list and Van is finishing it. We borrowed tools from my brother and have been having a hard time finding lumber and other stuff. Will have to make another trip down the road to Crystal River soon to get some more things to finish it.

I have been busy painting almost every day. I'll have something to put here soon, or not. I might just put them on the other blog. I'm wondering the sanity of having 2 blogs


James Parker said...

Aha Carole, Van...glad to see you two made it down to Seminole country. I lived in Orlando for ten years, and have made it over to Cedar Key several times. Quiet and scenic. Don't get carried away by the skeeters.

Carole Baker said...

Hi James, It is a great place, reminds me of where I live in Alaska, but for the weather. No skeeters yet, but plenty of noseeums.