Thursday, May 24, 2012


These are  little water soluble oil paintings, each about 6x6 inches that I did in the last month.  I had scanned and /or photographed them all at least once before my computer problems and lost them.  At least one might have been on a previous posting and deleted by mistake when I was editing the size.

 This one was done on cotton canvas that I taped down.  The other 2 are done on gessoed board.

I'm still spending a lot of time getting updates on my laptop.  My connection is so bad at home that I have to go to library for downloads which isn't much better .  I didn't save my addresses in Apple Mail but am finding them in gmail  with thousands of emails I never deleted there.


martinealison said...

Trois jolies oeuvres.. J'aime particulièrement la toute première avec ce magnifique encrier...Gros bisous

Sandy said...

Lovely work as always Carol. I noticed on my blog you said you hoped everything was alright (as I have not posted all year). Yes I am fine, life is fine - I justs sort of lost my muse, still searcing, dabbling in photography and now acrylics. Hope I can get back in the groove - thanks for asking.