Monday, February 16, 2009


This isn't all that new.... I did it over two weeks ago and haven't painted anything but my daily postcards since.... I did make an attempt but I won't get into that. This is from a photo taken on the dock road looking north. This photo of the painting looks better than the painting..... the actual painting is darker in value..... too many glazes. And there was a bit more sky before I splattered on the snow and put a big glob that I couldn't fix and had to crop it a bit.

Van and I will be leaving on Thursday on our way to Florida and for the last week we've been busy getting things ready so we can be away for 2 months. Besides trying to figure what we're going to take and getting the tax stuff done, we've been putting all the liquids and food in one room where we'll put a light bulb heater so the things won't freeze and have been taking the house plants to friends houses..... the hoya has been in a high window for year and Van had to bring a tall ladder in to get it down today. We'll drain the pipes before we go.

This is fun thing I did a few months ago and took photos of today. The plywood form was cut out by a friend, Jim Healey along with a bunch more. He decorated several and gave some others away including this one to me. I collaged it with various papers.

This is a close up of the collage.

Good bye for now. I'll post again when we get settled in Florida.


James Parker said...

Love the Collage. Y'all have a safe and enjoyable trip down to Florida.

Carole Baker said...

James, Thanks for for the comment. It really is nice of you.

Aurora said...

while you are in Florida--I will be in Ghana, Africa for 2 1/2 weeks...check out my blog --I'm going to try and post to it from Africa

r garriott said...

Great fish collage and postcard too. sounds like getting the house ready leave for awhile is a major undertaking!