Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 4

watercolor 6x6 inches

 I'm frustrated that I don't have an oil painting done to put here today.  I started a small one this morning and wiped it out twice.  Then I did an underpainting which I will work on tomorrow or the next day when it drys.  Now I have two works in progress in oil.

I had wanted to go out for a ride and do a watercolor this afternoon, but it was dark by 4 when I finally quit working on my oil painting.   I went through photos I took on my walk yesterday and used a couple of them for this painting.  These weird looking Sitka Spruce are like many on our beach and around town.  The brewery in Juneau used spruce tips(the new growth that comes in the summer) for a special brew and buys them from pickers here.

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